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mainly HTML, CSS,
JavaScript & Java

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Break Up With Your Frontend Monolith

Tiered of migrating thousand of code lines to the next popular JavaScript framework? Stuck in complexity and legacy code maintenance? Why not learn from the idea of microservices we already applied so well to our backend systems?
Splitting up a long maintained frontend monolith can be hard, but this talk will ease the pain by guiding you through the process of selecting suitable technologies and building a parent app shell to deal with loading and routing. You'll learn how to avoid common obstacles and gain momentum on the road to a new long-lasting and future-proof frontend architecture.

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From Scratch to Production-Ready: Creating Dashboard Visualizations

There are some things every programmer will be asked to do at least once in their life: contact forms, admin areas and – of course – dashboards! Creating some widgets might just be a finger exercise, but what if visualizations are needed and no expert is at hand?
This talk will guide you through the process of sketching visualizations, selecting a suitable framework such as D3.js, avoiding most common mistakes and getting your drafts ready for production.

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Getting Started with D3.js

You are thinking about adding some nice charts and graphics to your current project? Learn how to create flexible and interactive visualizations with D3.js. The talk will show how to bind data to a visualization, tweak it’s appearance and add interactive elements. Live coding included.

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